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Privacy Policy

Yanko Productions Australia Pty Ltd (YPA) respects the privacy of all of our customers and sponsors and is committed to protecting personal information which you provide us. Also, YPA is subject to the requirements of the National Privacy Principles, which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (the privacy act).

Our privacy policy outlines how YPA will handle your personal information about you and your company.

1. Personal Information Process
In order to advertise your driving school on line information must be provided to YPA about yourself and/or your company. The purchase of advertising space is done through an advertising agreement provided by YPA. Your personal information will be advertised only as requested.

2. Personal Information Collected
YPA does not sell your personal information and will not distribute any of your details to any other party but all information will appear on a live website.

YPA does not disclose any of your personal information as you request.

3. Security of your personal information
The YPA database is held in a secure and protected environment. All employees treat personal information held by YPA as confidential.

4. Access & Correction
Under the privacy act, you have the right to seek access to information which YPA holds about you.

If you would like your information please email admin@ypa.com.au and make your request.

5. Online privacy issues
YPA will use personal information collected to provide its services (advertising space) and to contact its clients should the need arise.

6. Links to other websites
This privacy state does not apply to websites linking from www.drivingschools.com.au

When you link to another website we recommend you read the privacy statement at that site.